Dagaalty Movie Review

Santhanam - Yogi Babu's combination is the best part of this middling comedy. Below goes our Dagaalty Movie Review.

Dagaalty Movie Review

A barely passable comic flick.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Santhanam has seemingly taken a call on the types of films he is going to do hereon, with more concentration on the one liners rather than the story. Dagaalty is yet another example of the same, bringing us the old wine in a new bottle, in haphazard fashion.

The film’s storyline is just about a crook who goes on to kidnap a girl to get a good load of money from a big shot, with the events ensuing in a predictable manner. At the start, things get going nicely thanks to the combination of Santhanam and Yogi Babu, who uphold the film with their constant unloading of wisecracks. The duo spend time together for a while, after which the story moves to the heroine, who has a done-to-death loosu ponnu image, which makes the romantic travel a little too boring. The film again spikes only in the final stretch, with the comics working out as all the actors come together.

Santhanam looks weak in many scenes, but his comic timing is still intact and does the trick. Yogi Babu is indeed the star of the show with his hilarious one liners that pump up the film’s potential in every scene where he’s there.

Newbie Ritika Sen is a good addition to the film, and though her dubbing feels out of place to the eccentric character, there are sparks of a good actress in her. Vijaynarain’s music a huge advantage, with at least 2 songs making an impact. The cinematography and editing fit the bill.

Overall, Dagaalty is a plain and basic comedy entertainer that has nothing special about it. Santhanam could have easily overlooked this film, and opted for something funnier or heavier. At best, a time pass comedy.  Dagaalty Movie Review by Only Kollywood.

Dagaalty Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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