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DaDa Movie Review

Kavin is near perfect in this terrific entertainer that is sure to make merry at the box office. Here goes our DaDa Movie Review.

DaDa Movie Review

A fantastic new age entertainer that wins you over with its emotions!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Feel-good dramas based on relationships are coming in quite frequently now in Tamil cinema, more after the success of Thiruchitrambalam. In the same lineup, what we have right now is Kavin starrer DaDa coming from debutant Ganesh K Babu.

Dada tells us the story of an estranged couple who part ways after an accident which brings a baby into their life. As both of them do not want to take up the responsibility of the kid so early in their lives, the kid is left alone and what happens when the dad decides to take up the onus, forms the story of the film. Director Ganesh K Babu has a very emotional start to the film, and then slowly induces the comedy and the other elements into the narrative. The film never gets too dry in trying to emphasise the situations, and is happy to have a light-hearted take even at the tough scenarios put forward. Dada moves at a superb pace in the first half, ending with a surprise at the interval point. In the second half, the film has a lightweight treatment which is a staunch opposite to the films we see these days – where they have a decent first half and only open up the content in the second. Though there are a few blips and commercial elements infused into the narrative in the second half, it does not hamper the film’s narrative and smoothly travels to the solid climax which is a major winner for the film.

Dada benefits big time from Kavin’s performance. The actor has a sense of calmness and a matured stature in his act, which makes him very attractive to watch. He also understands the emotional needs of the film, and plays along without overdoing a single sequence.

Aparna Das is not the perfect pick for the film as another good heroine would have upped the potential of the film, but nevertheless, she is decent. A special mention to Pradeep who does a fab job in the second half, keeping the momentum of the film going. The rest of the cast in Dada do a neat job but the film is majorly about the two leads and their relationship.

The music by Jen Martin complements the film very well as the songs which haven’t been released yet do better on screen more than what we have already heard. The DOP, editor and the music director are all debutants but we have a film which is very competent in quality here.

On the whole, Dada is an emotional, engaging and entertaining film that delivers the goods. The film moves at the right pace from the first scene, and presents a story that is worth watching in theatres.  DaDa Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

DaDa Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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