Connect Movie Review

Nayanthara headlines another good thriller that has enough scares to keep you pinned. Below goes our Connect Movie Review.

Connect Movie Review

A chilling, technically solid thriller that ramps up the fears!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Ashwin Saravanan’s films have always come with their load of neatness, technical finesse, intense moments and loads of thrills. The Maya and Game Over director returns through a minimalistic yet inventive thriller in Connect, which has its exorcism-based premise set over a freaky situation in the lockdown.

Connect is based on a scenario where a family struck by grief are sent into sorrow all the more when the youngest member is possessed. With everybody stuck in different parts of the world due to the lockdown, everything happens from a webcam perspective, as the events are narrated through one-to-one interactions and the likes. Ashwin Saravanan keeps the first 45 minutes rolling at a controlled pace by introducing the characters and tightening up the situations, and then moves it quickly with intense scenes one after the other. The director ensures that he is smacking up the scares at regular intervals and there are many finely made moments that keep us engaged.

The technicalities of Connect are what make the film excellent to watch, as the sound design and the cinematography are top notch throughout. There are many scenes which are packed with intense moments tightened up by the visuals and the sound design, that they will force you squeak in fear.

Nayanthara gives the film a controlled yet apt performance and ensures that there are no wrong meters anywhere. The film has a support cast that packs in very good shows from Sathyaraj, Anupam Kher and the rest of the cast who all make a mark.

On the whole, Connect is a special horror thriller that comes with no-nonsense and chilling moments loaded in it. The film is worth watching in theatres for its short yet gripping narrative and the flow in one go, which is a big plus.  Connect Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Connect Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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