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Cobra Movie Review

Vikram’s excellent performance is the silver lining of this ambitious commercial entertainer! Here goes our Cobra Movie Review.

Cobra Movie Review

An entertaining film that keeps us invested despite flaws!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Ajay Gnanamuthu made his debut with a minimalistic horror thriller in Demonte Colony, and then got to the commercial genre with Imaikkaa Nodigal. His third outing in Cobra is a huge and ambitious film that has a complex script and a narrative that has lots going on in it.

Vikram plays a genius mathematician who goes across the world to secretly commit assassinations, while romancing his girl back in Chennai. When the Interpol officers set their course to go ahead and nab the assassin in him, the story drives itself into various places and through multiple emotions.

Cobra is an interesting film for sure. Vikram would have got really excited during the narration, as the film is filled with peculiar ideas that keep coming one after the other. However, what misses out here is the stitch between the scenes and the emotional circle of the film, which does not excite much. There are way too many sub-plots in the film, which distract it from the main plot and the lengthy runtime is a big minus too. With some more trimming in both the halves and a better climax, Cobra could have at least saved itself from the film that it currently is.

Once again, we can be clear that there are no complaints about Vikram’s performance in the film, which is an A right from the beginning. There are so many scenes where the actor showcases his skills full time, be it the assasination scenes in the beginning, the rain fight in the second half and also the wowsome interrogation scene.

He is well supported by the trio of Meenakshi Govind, Srinidhi Shetty and Irfan Pathan who are all very good in their parts. Roshan Mathew is a negative for sure, as there is simply no idea about what he was doing in the film.

The technical work in Cobra is superb. DOP Harish captures the lush locales of the film in style, with AR Rahman’s thumping score adding to the merry. Rahman’s wondrous BGMs include the gibberish Cobra theme, the chant-like theme in the second half and the emotional cue as well.

On the whole, Cobra is a watchable film that does pique our interest with respect to its ideas. Ajay had a big, complex film and tried to bring his thoughts to the screen, but the film definitely needed more drafts and more clarity and maturity in its presentation. Yet, it is worth a watch for a good chunk of scenes that it has, along with the phenomenal performance by Chiyaan Vikram. Cobra Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Cobra Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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