Cheran rues his remarks on Vishal and Karthi

Cheran, who passed belittling remarks on Karthi and Vishal’s acting few days back during the election campaign organized by Sarath Kumar, has rued his comments and apologized generously to the duo.

“My remarks on Vishal’s team during the recent SIFAA election has left many unhappy. Even I felt remorseful that I made the remarks out of emotional fracas. I personally believe that if sometimes we try  to brush aside or overlook something, it is the harm we do to the society. That is the reason for the comments I made on Karthik and Vishal. Nassar is my friend and so are  my brothers ponvannan and Karunas, I had no qualms about them but I should now let people know what made me to utter such remarks about Karthi andd Vishal alone. I’m aware that no one has the right to force any actor to act in one’s film. But it is natural for a director to think that a particular story will reach wider audience if this actor acts in the movie. With such a thought after multiple attempts  to contact actor Vishal, I finally met him one day and his brother at Taj Hotel to narrate my story. After listening to the story they said they liked the story and agreed to do it. A week passed and I came across the news that Vishal is going to do a film with director Bala (Avan Ivan). If he is not ready to do my film, he has the right to say ‘No’, but he didn’t do it and instead kept me waiting. I have spent nearly two hours to narrate my story and it made me feel like a fool and ignored,” said Cheran who also added that he met Karthi on a similar occasion during his initial years in the industry but the  latter turned down the offer since he didn’t like the story and he has failed in his several attempts there onwards to narrate a fresh script to him.

“I sincerely apologize for my hurtful comments. Now, please don’t pass horrible comments like I made this apology to convince them to act under my direction,” said Cheran.

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