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Blue Star Movie Review

Ashok and Shanthnu deliver quality performances in this engaging cricket based drama. Below goes our Blue Star Movie Review.

Blue Star Movie Review

A neat and engaging cricket based drama!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Productions have been really consistent in delivering films that talk about pain and oppression, and Blue Star is the next in the list from the production house.

The film carries ahead the story of Ranjith and Sam, two brothers who grow up in a lowly area and have a huge association with cricket. They come and lock horns with Rajesh, a man who works for a moneylender and create a ruckus for a playground where they play cricket regularly. As both their teams continue to oppose each other, an incident forces both of them to join hands and come together as a single union. The first half of the film is busy as it explains out the characters, keeps things going with high moments regularly and also has its social commentary ongoing well. In the second half, the pace dips a bit as the film gets a little too formulaic and does not provide the sporty highs that it is supposed to give. However, the final 20 minutes has a lot of good moments that end the film on a good note.

Ashok Selvan once again proves that he is the real deal and delivers a solid performance fitting strongly into his role. The film has him in a different look and he has performed his part exceedingly well. Supporting him well is Shanthnu who has a very nice arc for himself and has done great justice to the role. Prithvi Pandiarajan is a nice fit too, and there’s lots to like about Keerthi Pandian who has a role that is not the usual heroine type.

The film benefits from very good cinematography by Tamizh A Azhagan, who gives the film a reddish brown look that’s quite likeable. The music by Govind Vasantha is also a big highlight with two solid songs and a spectacular effort in the BGM.

Blue Star takes on a formulaic route in the storyline, but it keeps the proceedings going smoothly until the end with the cricket delivering good moments here and there. The performances, setting and the technicalities together make it a fine film.

Blue Star Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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