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Bharathiraja announces Tamil Film Active Producers Association

Legendary Director Bharathirajaa has announced the formation and commencement of a new association today named TAMIL FILM ACTIVE PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION. Commenting on the formation, he stated that the new Association is in no way in conflict with the existing Tamil Film Producers Council, which will remain as the parent body and we will continue to be its members and support in its growth.

The new association is formed with a view to protecting the interest of active film producers, whose requirement for producing, marketing, distributing and managing their film business requires much higher focus and attention. This is not new and already both in Hindi and Telugu film industries, a
separate Active Film Producers Association exists and operates successfully with only limited
active producers while a Regular Film Producer council also operate there smoothly.

The active and current film producers in Tamil cinema are looking for strong leadership and support in the following areas, in the absence of such leadership for over a year:
1. To get back into the active film business, which is facing several challenges, after the impact of Corona.
2. To safeguard the interest of active Producers in completing and releasing their films without any hurdle.
3. To represent to Government of TN to get back to shooting once the corona impact reduces and to allow the opening of theatres to release many films, which are ready.
4. To represent to TN Government in removing the local tax and helping the industry to
get back on its feet.
5. To help the active Producers in the business of their films in every possible way.

“I appeal to the members of Tamil Film Producers Council, not co consider this new association as a conflict or a breakup but as a necessity of the active and current film producers under the current trying situation and request them to support the same. I also appeal to the active and current film producers to join our new Association and support in its aims and objectives,” said Bharathiraja.

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