Bakasuran Movie Review

Mohan G delivers another message-oriented drama that manages to engage! Below goes our Bakasuran Movie Review.

Bakasuran Movie Review

A neat social drama that delivers an important message!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Mohan G’s films have always been about common men taking their revenge for actions from the society that have fired them. For his latest film in Bakasuran, the director follows the same route and brings about a story of a man who brutally murders a set of people, for a reason.

The film starts off by narrating two stories at once – Bheemarasu (Selvaraghavan) is a good common man looking out for doing small time jobs for money, and also having an intention of killing people in the brothel business. On the other hand, Varman (Natty) is an ex-army man who runs a YouTube channel talking about criminal cases. When the latter comes across a freak incident where his relative commits suicide, it sets him on an investigative journey where he uncovers many truths. Mohan G has based his story on real-life incidents that we have heard or read, but this time, there isn’t any controversial angle that he brings in, unlike his earlier films.

Bakasuran has a very straightforward narrative and it is quite easy to see what’s coming, and we are left with a story of how it is coming alone. The film moves across its 157 minute runtime at the same pace, and comes to a close with a big message to the society.

Selvaraghavan delivers a decent performance, with his lip sync slightly going out of sync at places. It is Natty who has the better role and performs extremely well, carrying the weight of the film forward. The rest of the cast are fit in decently, and do their parts well.

Bakasuran is technically a big leap forward from Mohan G’s earlier films, as the impressive camera work by Farook J Basha and the thumping score by Sam CS are positives for sure.

Mohan G’s earlier films came with some blatant truths and open handling of controversial stories, but here, he opts for a safer route and only has the setting in a slightly uncomfortable zone. His on-the-face storytelling is missing here, and while Bakasuran wraps that narrative around with its message, there could have been some more convincing strokes. Nevertheless, a neat film overall.  Bakasuran Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Bakasuran Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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