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Baahubali Songs Review

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Irul Konda Vaanil
Jeeva Nadhi
Sivaa Sivaya Potri
Pacchai Thee Neeyada
Moochile Theeyumay
Theerane (English Version)

Royal and resplendent!

Baahubali is once again a herculean effort from Maraghadamani, for it does leave you spellbound at many instances. Being a period film which demands grand music, the composer has delivered it in style.

Cast: Prabhas, Anuska, Tamannaah, Rana Daggubati

Music: M.M. Keeravaani

Lyrics: Karky, Noel Sean, Adithya 

Director: SS Rajamouli

Label: Lahiri Music

Irul Konda Vaanil: Singer – Deepika

With a catchy hook which gets onto you quickly, Maraghadhamani brings in a fantastic feel to get the album going. Deepika’s leading vocals sway pretty nicely to the tune. Our PICK.

Jeeva Nadhi: Singers – Geetha Madhuri, Sweta Raj

An emotionally touching short track which has its own share of moments. The rendition is what brings in the novelty.

Deerane: Singers – Deepu, Ramya Behara

An absolutely spellbinding track in all its grandeur and glory. This is where the vocals, the instrumentations and especially the chorus go superbly in sync with each other. The chants towards the end add so much of authenticity too. Our PICK.

Sivaa Sivaya Potri: Singers – Maraghadamani, Vaikom Vijaylakshmi

Second in succession, we are bestowed with an uncompromisingly impressive track of the highest standards. Putting in all his experience to use, Maraghadamani combines our own sounds with a majestic drum orchestration. The chants and the vocals divulge so beautifully into a track which is surely one more PICK of the album.

Pacchai Thee Neeyada: Singers – Damini, Karthik

Even though the rhythm of this track is an overused one down south, Damini and Karthik totally take control to make this a passable listen.

Manogari: Singers – Haricharan, Mohana

Once again, the composer makes great use of the lead vocalists and interesting interludes to churn out a peppy track. The percussion bits are well organized throughout, along with the beat which is instantly foot-tapping.

Moochile Theeyumay: Singer – Kailash Kher

With Kailash Kher on the vocals, this song slowly ascends into a typical war pumper, packed with a lot of chants.

Theerane (English Version): Singer – Ramya Behara, Adithya

A computerized version of Deerane along with some English lyrics stitched in, when you least expect it. Will have to see how Rajamouli squeezes this into an epic of this calibre.

Baahubali Songs Review Rating: 3.5/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas