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Avatar 2: The Way of Water Movie Review

James Cameron’s painstaking effort works wonders as a theatrical experience worth going for. Here goes our Avatar 2 - The Way of Water Movie Review.

Avatar 2: The Way of Water Movie Review

A visual spectacle that delivers on most fronts!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

James Cameron’s Avatar set new standards for technical aspects in filmmaking when it hit our shores in 2009, and thirteen years later, the man is back with the sequel which has done even better in terms of the goods that it brings – be it the storyline, the visual splendour or the emotional angle that it has in store.

Avatar: The Way of Water takes place 10 years from where the first part left off, and Jake Sully now has a family of six – his wife Neytiri and four kids across different ages. When the family decide to explore new regions of Pandora for their safety, they come across the Na’Vi tribe and their waterworld. However, an ancient threat comes back into Jake’s life and he must not bend before it, and decides to fight back, even if it means putting his family at stake.

Avatar 2 starts off very slowly and there is hardly something solid formed up until the film moves into the waterworld. Once Cameron takes his story to the Na’Vi tribe and their lives, the film starts to light up. The story being multiplied into the emotions of the entire family makes it nicer to watch, and rightly so, it has been made more family-friendly now with the kids coming into the picture.

Avatar 2 is not just about a man or a team trying to stop an invasion, but is also about how things come into the picture when a man goes out to protect his family. Though there are familiar stretches here and there, the emotional connect pulled in by Cameron is what’s most appreciable, and it does manage to pull in the attention of the viewer until the end.

Though the first two hours of the film take its time to put the plot in motion, things are perfectly set up for the finale which delivers on all fronts. The amazing mid-sea action sequence and the climax scene where the emotional tug is pulled fully is what makes it totally worth it.

The film could definitely have been shortened by 10-15 minutes, and one does feel that the music does not amp up the narrative as it should. However, what James Cameron has brought to the fore with his years of hardwork has finally beared good fruit on screen. Avatar 2 is definitely worth a watch on the big screen, possibly on the biggest screen.  Avatar 2 – The Way of Water Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Avatar 2: The Way of Water Movie Review Rating: 4/5

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