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An uncompromising & engaging horror!

Aval is a genuine horror thriller with no compromises on its standards to be on par with a Hollywood horror film. What makes the movie special is its performances, top notch technicalities and the twists & turns that connects in the end. Go for it if you are a genuine horror fan and experience this thrill, strictly for the higher ages.

Cast: Siddharth, Andrea, Atul Kulkarni, Suresh, Avinash Raghudevan, Anisha Angelina Victor & others

Cinematography: Shreyaas Krishna

Music: Girishh Gopalakrishnan

Editing: Lawrence Kishore

Art Direction: Shiva Shankar

Stunts: Sakthi Saravanan

VFX: Accel Media

Screenplay: Milind Rau & Siddharth

Direction: Milind Rau

Production: Viacom 18 Movies & Etaki Entertainment

Distribution: Trident Arts

Release Date: 03-11-2017

Run Time: 02:17:00

Aval, with its intention to scare the audience, does it with the perfect locations and technical masterwork, at times making you feel haunted. Framed in two hours with extraordinary graphical works, locations and cast, the script stands tall as they put in what is really needed for the film. The makers make sure to match Hollywood standards unlike many other films that claim to be that way, technically top notch.

Siddharth playing the main lead as a leading neuro-surgeon has portrayed his looks and mannerisms to perfection, to fit the role, while Andrea as his wife takes to the extra limits with glamour and romance. Atul Kulkarni and his family come in as neighbours to Siddharth, and that’s where the trouble begins as they start to witness some kind of paranormal activity round the place. What’s left is for you to see, the as the team successfully pulls off a high standard horror thriller.

Aval certainly stands out in making and the exhibition of the script, as it was convincing throughout with the flashback scenes that create the buzz from the start. The movie is very able in its technical aspects such as the locations, VFX, music and BGM by Girish, cinematography by Shreyaas Krishna were
all packed above par to the script. The twists and turns in aval will not let you jump into conclusion, as everything is carried up till the climax breaking some good suspense.

Aval is not a usual horror film, having its own style of narration and technical wizardry, being on par with a Hollywood flick. Go for it to experience a quality horror thriller that will keep you engaged, on the edge of the seat.

Aval Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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