Aruvi Songs Review

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Kokotti Kunnatti
Asainthaadum Mayil
Cement Kaadu
Anbin Kodi
Merku Karaiyil
Theme of Aruvi:

Genuine assembly of unique sounds.

With lots of novelty and originality, Aruvi brings us a soothing set of melodies that work in their own ways. Credit to Bindhumalini, who has her voice found in every song of the album. While these songs won't be playlist material, they are sure to bring about a change in cinematic music with proper use in the film.

Cast: Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan & Others

Music: Bindhu Malini & Vedanth Bharadwaj

Lyrics: Kutti Revathi, Arun Prabu Purushothaman

Director: Arun Prabu Purushothaman

Kokotti Kunnatti: Singers – Bindhumalini, Praniti, Vedanth

Interesting acapella styled track that has got a vocal reign balancing out the simplistic music. The kid’s voice adds cuteness to the song, and is the best part of it all. Our PICK. 

Asainthaadum Mayil: Singer – Bindhumalini

Taking only the first line out from the famous devotional song, this one moves on to another rousing vocal organisation sooner. Trumpets, percussions and many unique sounds come together for a jolly concoction.

Cement Kaadu: Singers – Bindhumalini, Aditi Balan

Another whacky twist with a jazz background packed with trumpets again. Halfway, the song takes a slightly variant route but still has the lasting effect.

Anbin Kodi: Singer – Bindhumalini, Vasu Dixit 

Wonderfully sounding composition which has its tune in the right place. Though the hook isn’t the best of sorts, it still works as a comfortable sound trip. Our PICK. 

Merku Karaiyil: Singer – Vedanth Bharadwaj, Bindhumalini

Minimalist melody with fairly impactful string sounds and a controlled atmosphere. Decent.

Theme of Aruvi: Singer – Bindhumalini

Quite a haunting theme that is again hell bent on its hums and chorus part.

Aruvi Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas