Arun Vijay gets injured on the sets of AV 30

Actor Arun Vijay has encountered an unexpected injury as a glass slit his forearm while shooting an action sequence for his upcoming film “AV 30”, directed by GNR Kumaravelan.

Talking about the injury, Arun Vijay says, “Yes, it was something unexpected and of course, it’s a part and parcel of my career as an actor.” He continues to elaborate the mishap adding, “We were actually shooting an action block choreographed by Stunt Silva master that involved a bottle breaking act. Usually, these are done with sugar glass as they are hard, but don’t hurt the persons. Stored in refrigerators, they are supposed to be taken at least 30 minutes before the usage. Nonetheless, it was taken only a few minutes before the shooting and it cut my forearm. I remained completely unaware of it until it started bleeding. Stunt Silva rushed immediately and gave the first aid.”

The “Mafia” actor tots up saying, “I never feel the pain when I am at work. I chose this journey and love each and every moment of it.” Tentatively titled as AV 30, Arun Vijay is essaying the role of a police officer in the film.

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