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Yet another entertaining outing!

A simple plot sprinkled with glamour, thrill, comedy and romance makes Aranmanai 2 a worthy watch.

Cast: Siddharth, Hansika, Trisha, Sundar C, Kovai Sarala, Poonam Bajwa, Soori, Manobala, Vaibhav, Radha Ravi, Subbu Panchu, Khushbu (Guest Appearance) & Others

Cinematography: UK Senthil Kumar

Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Art Direction: Guru Raj

Editing: Srikanth NB

Dialogues: Venkat Raghavan

Story, Screnplay & Direction: Sundar C

Produced by: Avni Cinemax

Distributed by: Sri Thenandal Films

Run Time: 02:16:00

Release Date: 29-01-2016

Aranmanai 2, is a much anticipated franchise from Sundar C has carried momentum throughout with all the boxes ticked with the usual commercial elements to deliver an entertaining. With a generic plot, comedy and fair number of thrills, the film is supported ably by the huge cast who have done what exactly needs to be done for a commercial film.

Aranmanai 2 has not missed resemblances from the part 1, but it has a plot strong enough to declare that Sundar C has not given chance to lose expectations. Trisha, with her first attempt in her long career, has churned out a good performance. Aranmanai 2 starts with an air of mystery elements from the word go, a big family in a village headed by Radharavi who, along with others, plan a consecration ceremony for the famous temple in the surrounding. How a spirit retaliates the murderers of its death forms the basic plot.

The whole drama is well supported by Sundar C’s usual cast, and adding some new element to the list is Soori, who is much responsible for bringing the roof down on regular occasions with his timely wits and expressions. The screenplay is pivotal as the movie has a very predictable story, the horror and the comedy are well placed one after another, not leaving us fatigued. The comedy is sometimes mixed with horror with good support from Soori, Manobala, Kovai Sarala, making it entertaining for the family crowd. What happens in the palace and the basic reasons for all the strange mystery is packed in an emotional flash-back, where Hansika makes a grand entry and delivers an impactful performance. Siddharth has done his part, but it is Sundar C who is coming as Trisha’s brother to the house takes all the responsibility in solving the mystery and even risks his life to get things order.

A simple plot sprinkled with glamour, thrill, comedy and romance makes Aranmanai 2 a worthy watch. The technical aspects take a huge responsibility, to start with the art director Gururaj who has put some fabulous work and thoughts in action, Music and BGM by Hiphop Aadhi is effective; CG and visuals score strong in the charts, Editing by srikanth needs a well deserved  applause for keeping the runtime tight.

Aranmanai 2 Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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Written by MG Vijayan