Appuchi Graamam – Songs Review

Review Overview

Ek Karunchingama
En Kannu Kulla
Kee Keechaarey
Or Nila


A disappointing second outing from Vishal Chandrasekhar who made a promising debut in Inam with a widely acclaimed background score.

Cast: Kanja Karuppu, Singam Puli, G.M. Kumar, “Kumki” Joseph, Meera Krishnan, Swasika and Suja

Direction: Vi Anand

Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar

Label: Think Music India 


  • Ek Karunchingama – A template gaana number with a lifeless tune. Gaana Bala seems to be looking repetitive gradually
  • En Kannu Kulla – Lovely composition and wonderfully sung by Varun. Reminiscent of Yuvan on many levels
  • Kee Keechaarey – Beautiful opening for the song with Sindhuri’s striking voice, but that’s about it. Glaring sounds and an uninspiring tune make this one a tolerable number
  • Or Nila – A pleasing melody complemented by good rendition from the duo Prahalad Raghavendran and Sindhuri. Our PICK of the album