Anushka reveals the secret behind her Inji Iduppazhagi look

When the posters of¬†Inji Iduppazhagi¬†featuring an obese-looking Anushka Shetty were unveiled on the web, a section of moviegoers accused the makers of ‘photoshopping’ though the majority appreciated Anushka’s daring make-over. Now, she has revealed the secret behind her look in a recent interview.

“I almost put on 16 to 17 kilos for the film. We did not use any major gimmicks to portray my look. Fat may not grow in certain parts of the body where we used fillers. We mainly wanted my face and arms to look plump. And, that’s why I put on more weight. There is no special diet. My food intake was replete with carbohydrates; I took rice in the morning, afternoon and also in the night. And, I stopped my workouts. I have time only till September end to slim down since we are shooting for Baahubali 2. I have lost around 6 kilos so far,” revealed Anushka.