Annanukku Jey Songs Review

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Em Peru Matta
Maane Thene
Anjaa Nenjane
Thaaru Maara
Satti Melatha
Mersal Illai
Theme of Annanukku Jey

A triumph of brave experimentations!

Annanukku Jey is an extremely variant soundtrack from Arrol Corelli that definitely deserves your attention. Every song drives itself in a different direction, bringing in something for everybody. It’s been a long time since a composer has gathered his guts to go ahead and try so many things in the same album, and not mess it up. Give this a shot without second thoughts!

Cast: Attakathi Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar, Radharavi

Music: Arrol Corelli

Lyrics: Raj Kumar, Gaana Bala

Director:Raj Kumar

Label: Think Music 

Em Peru Matta: Singers – Emcee Jesz, Stevie 

Death metal is one genre which can easily go out of hand, but Arrol Corelli has done a fantastic job to keep things in control. There are a lot of enjoyable portions such as ‘Mersal Illai’ and ‘Annanukku Jey Jey’ in the song, that makes you want to keep going back to it. Our PICK, right away.

Maane Thene: Singers – Velmurugan, Lakshmi Pradeep 

Very quickly, the composer gets us into the groove by flourishing an accessible rhythm that it propelled further by Velmurugan’s vocals. Little horns and blows are nicely embedded into the beat helping it differ from a heard-before tune, a great listen on the whole. Our PICK.

Mayakkuraane: Singer – Andrea Jeremiah 

This time, Arrol ventures into jazz territories and Andrea’s vocals are the icing on the cake. The song does get a little repetitive after a point but shines thanks to its outstanding production. Another PICK.

Anjaa Nenjane: Singers – Anthony Daasan, Sammie Kootaliz 

A rap-kuthu number, it’s amazing how many genres have been explored in the album already. Sammie Kootaliz and Anthony Daasan sit on opposite sides of the see-saw with respect to their voices, the flow in this track is just too cool. One more PICK!

Thaaru Maara: Singer – Deva 

Enriched gaana, with the veteran Deva on the mic. A mischievous feel is present throughout, resulting in a hummable track although the tune feels re-used.

Satti Melatha: Singer – Gaana Bala

A death song packed with lyrics that celebrate the demise of a person who will be missed. Functional in its organization.

Mersal Illai: Singer – Arrol Corelli, MS Nehru 

A massy dubstep mix that enables the composer to show his worth on the computerizations as well.

Theme of Annanukku Jey: The Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra 

Grandiose in every aspect, this track is organized in such a rewarding fashion, as it escalates slowly with a set backdrop. The trumpets are wonderful, here’s our final PICK.

Annanukku Jey Songs Review Rating: 4/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas