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Annanukku Jai Movie Review

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A realistic & entertaining political satire!

Annanukku Jai is an easily understandable film even for a common audience, with some interesting twists towards the end. Touting up, it is a subtle drama that explains the real time politics.

Cast: Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar, Radha Ravi, Mayilsamy, Madras Johnny, Dheena, Vaiyapuri & others

Cinematography: Vishnu Rangasamy

Music: Arrol Corelli

Editing: GB Venkatesh

Art Direction: V Mayapandi

Stunts: Vicky

Written & Directed by: Rajkumar

Produced by: Vetrimaaran’s Grassroot Film Company

Distribution: Fox Star

Release Date: 31-08-2018

Run Time: 01:50:00

Annanukku Jai is completely a political satire, dealt neatly in writing and presentation. A simple plot with some meaningful performance from the cast makes it a worthy watch. Not frequently one can watch a movie based on internal politics that is presented on a comedy-based story. It is Dinesh who has made the comedy track live and possible with his innocent looks and at times making his false anger look real.

Attakathi Dinesh, son of Mayilsamy, an ex-member of a political party, runs a toddy shop and gets arrested by police and humiliated. Seeking the help of Radharavi, Dinesh plans to bring back his father into active politics and miserably fails. He seeks revenge to a member Selva (Boxer Dheena) of the same political party. As Selva is well known for his arrogance and power, he forces Mayilsamy to close his business and threatens him with the help of police. Not understanding the political game, Dinesh plans to murder him and the entire town starts talking about him for attempt to murder. How Dinesh escapes from the clutches of Selva forms the plot.

Director Vetrimaaran’s production value adds a new flavor to the script and his belief in the script made the entire experiment possible.Director Raj Kumar’s writing seems to be clean and so his narration. It’s a well detailed attempt of political game and with no harsh moments, the entire film is engaging.

The technical part is live and gripping as the songs didn’t really bother the flow of the film. Cinematography and Editing seem to be a major plus for making Annanukku Jai a worthy watch for the weekend.

Overall, an underplayed role that is thoroughly live and support from the cast makes Annanukku Jai a film easily understandable even for a common audience, with some interesting twists towards the end. Annanukku Jai is a subtle drama that explains the real time politics.

Annanukku Jai Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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