Agilan Movie Review

Another really good performance from Jayam Ravi in this neat and engaging drama. Below goes our Agilan Movie Review.

Director Kalyan Krishnan worked on the boxing scene in his earlier film with Jayam Ravi, Bhooloham. The director was appreciated for his detailing in the particular milieu, and in the same way, he can be appreciated for his work in Agilan, where he adopts the harbour as the big backdrop of the film. But does the film work on the whole?

Jayam Ravi plays Agilan, a man who can get any job done easily within the harbour. Agilan is an associate of Parandhaman (Haresh Peraadi), and gets jobs done for him while also knowing that he can take down anybody who comes in his way. Agilan is then stopped by Gokul (Chirag Jani), a cop who has his own ways of stopping the illegal transfers within the harbour. When Gokul finally gets face to face with Agilan, the latter reveals a secret which was kept close to his chest all this long.

Agilan has a neat first half where Kalyan Krishnan introduces us to the different characters within the harbour backdrop, and does not move too far away from the core plot of the film. The detailing that he brings forward is laudable, and Jayam Ravi’s character being at the centre makes it good to watch even though the narration is very procedural. The interval block is interestingly carried out and is the best scene in the film. In the second half, Agilan takes the usual route where it wants to bring out the emotions from the viewers, while also giving out a message. But the conflict between the hero and the villain goes for a toss, and the film feels bland at places.

Jayam Ravi is earnest playing the animalistic and brash Agilan, and the actor has put in an effort to change his body language and dialogue delivery from the usuals. Chirag Jani is the next actor in line who makes an impact, and the rest of the cast including Priya Bhavani Shankar fit the bill.

The film is technically neat with good camera work by Vivek and fine editing. But the music by Sam CS is really dissapointing as it is completely loud and devoid of any innovation.

On the whole, Agilan is a watchable drama where Jayam Ravi entirely carries the film on his shoulders.

Verdict: Jayam Ravi impresses in this drama based on coastal crimes! 

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