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Adiyae Movie Review

GV Prakash has an interesting film in his kitty again with this cool entertainer! Down goes our Adiyae Movie Review.

Adiyae Movie Review

Good fun all the way!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Vignesh Karthick, who made the impressive Thittam Irandu as his debut film, is back with a new concept and a pretty cool film in Adiyae, which rolls out in an interesting fashion with a good load of comedy in it.

The film is the story of a washed-out man Arjun (GV Prakash) who cannot find anything going right in his life, and decides to kill himself, only to be rescued out by spotting his school-time crush again, in the form of Senthazhini (Gouri), and thereby trying to reunite with her. However, he falls out of the way and ultimately crashes into a car, which has a newfound device which transports him into the universe of alternate reality, where he is already married to Senthazhini. This surprises him big time, and the rest of the film is about how Arjun finds out how he landed in the alternate reality, and also finds a way to unite with Senthazhini for good.

Adiyae has a very good concept, which is quite new to Tamil cinema. There is a lot of comedy peppered throughout the film which keeps giving us many laughs here and there.

Though it does not have a good emotional connect and the supporting characters are weak for the film, it does manage to keep us engage with the help of its concept. The multiverse idea has been dealt with consequentially instead of taking it as a VFX experiment, and this makes the film unique even though it drives the scale down a bit. Vignesh Karthick has managed to keep both the halves of the film quite entertaining, but there is a feeling that the film does not emotionally relate with the viewer.

GV Prakash delivers a neat performance in the lead role, but there are many portions in the film which demanded a better presence from him. However, it is sure to say that the film is indeed an interesting pick from him again. Gouri Kishan is fine, and does a clean job overall. The film has many support actors but except for RJ Vijay, no one comes to the party.

The music by Justin Prabhakaran scores in terms of the songs, but the BGM is overblown and feels too serious. The cinematography and editing are adequate.

On the whole, Adiyae is a decent entertainer that can be watched with your friends or family.  Adiyae Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Adiyae Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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