Adithya Varma Movie Review

Dhruv Vikram rules the roost in this slightly softer yet accessible remake of Arjun Reddy. Here's our Adithya Varma Movie Review.

Adithya Varma Movie Review

A faithful remake that fits the bill.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

With Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh becoming such proven blockbusters which have got nationwide attention, its normal to know what’s coming when we walk into Adithya Varma, the Tamil remake of the same. But even if you have seen the original and the blockbuster Hindi version, you can still sit through Adithya Varma without complaining, and that’s what makes it a very good film on the whole. Adithya Varma is a splendid effort at bringing about the tale of a spoilt brat putting together pieces of the puzzle he once left messed up. The film has a great cast, amazing music, top technical values and most importantly – carries the heart of the original right for most parts.

Adithya Varma sticks to the skeleton of the original film in Arjun Reddy, and does enough to localize the elements all over and make it relatable to Tamil audiences. There are smart moves everywhere in the transition, starting from how the heroine is showcased as a Tulu girl which makes us connect with the proceedings which would have been odd otherwise. Despite the long runtime of the film which is felt even more in the second half it keeps us engaged and takes us on the familiar ride once again.

Hats off to Dhruv Vikram, who has made a smashing debut playing the titular role. There might be shots of consciousness, but his confidence in the dialogue delivery and his efforts to look the character duly prove that he is here to stay.

Dhruv even showcases shades of his father Vikram’s ability in the agitated moods of the film, which are a treat to watch. His handsome looks, baritone voice and screen skills are examples of how he could go on to become a huge star in Tamil cinema. Banita Sandhu fits into the role of the mellowed heroine quite well, though she could have worked a little more on her lip sync. The rest of the cast such as the family members, Anbu Thasan and Priya Anand contribute well, with a special mention to Leela Samson.

The film’s music and cinematography set it up in the right fashion. Radhan does rehash a lot of his hit numbers from the original, but they sync in superbly with the film’s proceedings. Apart from the songs, the BGM tracks such as ‘Oh Priyathamma’ don’t seem to be getting old.

On the whole, Adithya Varma comes off as a faithful and safe remake that does what it should. The film works as a great launch pad for Dhruv Vikram, and is a fair watch on the whole.  Adithya Varma Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Adithya Varma Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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