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Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay Songs Review

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Andha Pulla Manasa
Idhukkudhaane Aasaipattain
Double OK
Yaenada (Reprise)

Moderately Enjoyable Tunes!

In his latest outing APMJ, Imman drives a little off-road to churn out some nice, listenable tunes. Once again, it is the pick of singers who make the songs sound better than what they actually are. And for that reason, they should find some space on the shelf.

Cast: Umapathi, Reshma Rathore, Karunakaran, Aadukalam Naren

Music: D. Imman

Direction: Inbasekhar

Label: Sony Music India

Yaenadi: Singers – Karthik, Shreya Ghoshal 

Lovely is the word for this absolutely instilling melody, dipped out of Imman’s trademark style. Karthik and Shreya Ghoshal own the escalations here, our PICK!

Andha Pulla Manasa: Singer – Haricharan 

Template track from Imman and Haricharan, much like many we’ve heard before. Nothing special about it.

Idhukkudhaane Aasaipattain: Singers – Shankar Mahadevan, Vandana Srinivasan 

Shankar Mahadevan and Vandana Srinivasan make a passable tune into a worthy song, thanks to their amazing job on the mic. Imman keeps it simple at the interludes, but in majority, this is a song that works. Our PICK.

Double OK: Singer – Rahul Pandey 

A very average quick number from Imman, with Rahul Pandey trying hard to resurrect a stale tune.

Yaenada (Reprise) – Shreya Ghoshal 

A simplified version of the first song in the album, raised high by Shreya Ghoshal who is near perfect once again. A decent listen, though not as effective as the original.

Adhagappattathu Magajanangalay Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas