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2017 Round-Up: 10 Best Albums Of The Year


After lots of arguments and discussions, we at Only Kollywood have arrived at the 10 best albums of 2017. Indeed, the year saw a lot of young composers rocking their part and delivering top quality, addictive music that held on to our playlists.

Here, we stack up the best ten albums of 2017 based on the composer’s range and ability to churn out intriguing, worthy compositions.

10. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru – Ghibran

Undoubtedly the composer of the year for his undying efforts to fight the usual tides, Ghibran’s work for Theeran is a work of class that deserves to be marked. With unique compositions packed with top quality mixing standards, it is a melody lover’s paradise.

theeran adhigaaram ondru opening weekend BO





Natpuna Ennanu Theriyma Single Launch

Happy Birthday AR Rahman

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Innimey Ippadithan First Look Poster

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Purampokku Songs from 14th April


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