2.0 (2Point0) Songs Review (Updated)

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Endhira Logathu Sundariye

Instantly addictive, high level music.

Though just two songs have been released so far, both have turned out to be instant addictions which sound so fresh and new. With a seamless flow, Rahman once again stands apart from the rest with his innovative approach and musical flow. Bet you haven't heard anything like this in a long long time.

Cast: Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Music: AR Rahman

Lyrics: Madan Karky, Na Muthukumar

Direction: Shankar

Label: Lyca Music

Endhira Logathu Sundariye: Singers – Sid Sriram, Shashaa Tirupati

Sid Sriram and Shashaa Tirupati fit into Rahman’s tune like a T, to produce an instant climber that works wonders with its catchy tune and superb synths. Madhan Karky’s lyrics nicely complement the romance between two robots, with the ‘Uyire Uyire’ line being the highlight. This is an easily likable song that’ll climb the charts quickly. Our PICK.

Rajaali: Singers – Arjun Chandy, Sid Sriram, Blaaze 

Powerful, fun-filled celebratory track that gets onto you with its fantastic tune. It seemingly finds itself in a situation where Chitti has won a battle with the villainy crow, as the lyrics too speak about it in funny fashion. Rahman once again shows prowess in mixing foot-tapping techno with clear, pristine vocals. Our PICK.

Pullinangal: Singers – Bamba Bakya, A.R. Ameen, Suzanne D’Mello

Easily the best track of the album. This one proves why and how we miss Na. Muthukumar as a lyricist now, with such beautiful lines that make a lot of sense. Bamba Bakiya who sung Sarkar’s Simtaangaran is much more comfortable here along with AR Ameen who gets a lilting portion. Our PICK, again.

2.0 (2Point0) Songs Review Rating: 4/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas