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Vinai Theerkum Pillaiyada
Poove Pooviname
Kenathakaanum Kenathakaanum
Kaasu Kedacha Loosu Pudikkum

A curtailed soundtrack.

144 is a pedestrian outing from Sean Roldan, who is known for his different breed of music. After a good start, the album dips down to mainstream, heard-before music. Hope is now on the visuals to help it gain some mileage.

Cast: Shiva, Ashok Selvan, Oviya and Sruthi Ramakrishnan

Music: Sean Roldan

Lyrics: Sean Roldan, Vivek, Kabilan, Araikudi Bharathi Ganesan

Director: G.Manikandan

Label: Think Music

Vinai Theerkum Pillaiyada: Singer – Sean Roldan

Sean Roldan who is grabbing the attention these days with his unique voice, gets in here to croon a peppy first song. The quirky lyrics and the drum-string fusion make this a fun track to groove to. Our PICK!

Poove Pooviname: Singers – Sean Roldan, Poove Piviname

An instantly likable melody which is infused with refreshing vocals. Boy oh boy, Chinmayi is so good here. Our PICK!

Kenathakaanum Kenathakaanum: Singers – Anthony Daasan, Malavika Sundar

A comic track which has a deja-vu feeling embedded within. This might just work with the movie.

Velamarapattayum: Singer – Shenbagaraj

A message-oriented track where the singer sounds so much like the veteran Yesudas.

Aagaa: Singer – Hariharasudhan

Though this may be a track where the familiarity is easy to spot, the energy which Hariharasudhan brings to the fore is a charm.

Kaasu Kedacha Loosu Pudikkum: Singer – Anthony Daasan, Gowrishankar, Susha

A mischievous track which seems rushed throughout. With the album coming to a close, thoughts arise that it lost its steam halfway.

144 Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas