“Our success can be delayed but never denied,” says Puriyaatha Pudhir producer

Producer Deepan Boopathy of Rebel Studios has confirmed the postponement of Vijay Sethupathi-starrer Puriyaatha Pudhir, which was earlier slated to hit screens for Pongal. “We are very disappointed and pained too over this sudden development in this juncture. As a first time producer i was eager and excited to have a smooth release on this festival date,” says Deepan in an official statement.

“The positive talk the film had generated fuelled our passions. But due to certain unforeseen circumstances that was unrelated to this film, but to my other film `Aako’ which is under production has caused this situation. We had to postpone the release. I take this opportunity to thank all the cast, crew, exhibitors and JSK sir for the invaluable support that was accorded to my film. Our success can be delayed but never denied,” added Deepan.



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