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A fairly made rural drama!

Overall, Komban is a fairly made rural family drama that thrives on the good chemistry between Rajkiran and Karthi. While Muthaiah's sophomore effort is not bang-up, it certainly passes muster.

Cast: Karthi, Raj Kiran, Lakshmi Menon, Kovai Sarala, Super Subbarayan, Karunas, Thambi Ramaiah and others

Cinematography: Velraj

Editing: Praveen KL

Music: GV Prakash

PRO: Johnson

Stunts: Super Subbarayan

Written & Directed by: M Muthaiah

Produced by: KE Gnanavel Raja

Banner: Studio Green

Release Date: 01-04-2015

Run Time: 02:17:00

Director Muthaiah has a penchant for exploring relationships inside a family. While his debut film Kutti Puli was centered on a mother-worshipping hero played by Sasikumar, here, he has taken into account the relationship between a discerning father-in-law, played by Rajkiran and a hotheaded son-in-law, played by Karthi.

Komban, of course, has cries of Paruthiveeran here and there. While Saravanan played Karthi’s unmarried mama in Paruthiveeran, Thambi Ramaiah plays Karthi’s unmarried mama here. Like Saravanan, Thambi Ramaiah has also done justice to his role, especially in the first half, with enough dose of comedy to leave the audience in splits. While Karthi yearned to commit a big crime to seek media attention to see his picture on newspapers in Paruthiveeran, here, after few years, his wish does come true in Komban, but for petty crimes. But, the most refreshing change Muthaiah has given is the characterization of Kombaya Pandiyan (Karthi), who is the most righteous man in the village Arasanadu. While Kombaya Pandian is a tee-totaller who doesn’t battle an eyelid to bash misconducting thugs in his village, he can also fall in love at first sight – with Pazhani, played by Lakshmi Menon.

The first half of Komban steadily progresses with the actors in Rajkiran and Karthi taking the centrestage. The tension filled relationship between Rajkiran (father-in-law) and Karthi (son-in-law) bristles with emotions. The maamanaar-maappillai kinship is a rarely touched topic in Tamil cinema and with two prolific actors playing their respective parts, the combination scenes between the duo have come out really good. But, one feels Muthaiah has missed a golden opportunity to explore it with little more depth. Instead, he has taken the most trodden path with a familiar tool – revenge. When Kombaya runs afoul of a neighbourhood village chieftain – played by Super Subbarayan, a non-violent Rajkiran tries to protect his son-in-law. From then onwards, the second half turns into a clichéd one-upmanship between the protagonist and antagonist. But, thankfully, it cuts the mustard and doesn’t appear over-the-top albeit not engaging.

Muthaiah, with the help of cinematographer Velraj, has captured the rural atmosphere beautifully with real life locations from the hinterlands of Ramanathapuram. Karthi shines in his role as brawny Kombaya Pandian, with good support from the supporting cast that includes veteran actors Kovai Sarala, who still manages to impress with her range of expressions and Rajkiran, who delivers yet another sincere performance.

Overall, Komban is a fairly made family drama that thrives on the good chemistry between Rajkiran and Karthi. Though Muthaiah’s sophomore effort is not bang-up, it certainly passes muster. While the film may not be a critic’s favourite, it has enough elements to cater to B and C audiences where it could turn out to be a money-spinner for the makers.

PS: For the record, there is no caste reference or whatsoever in the film, directly or indirectly. And all these protests look like an absolute farce. 

Komban Movie Review Rating: 3/5


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